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The Main Event

On Sunday 13th October, the main event takes place, with thousands of bikers crossing the Severn Bridge into Wales from Aust Services. 

We also have some massive news to share, for the first time in the rides history, the bridge will be closed to traffic, whilst thousands of bikers literally Hog The Bridge!!

The route brings riders thorough Pwllmeyric, Caerwent, Penhow, Langstone, Magor, Undy, Rogiet and Caldicot and finishes at the prestigious David Broome Event Centre, with our Trader Village, Food court and entertainment we are sure you will have an enjoyable day. 

We have an extra special treat for everyone attending this year, with a live performance from Jamie Squibb, Freestyle Motocross Show. This is included in your ticket price, as well as being open to visitors coming along for the day to look at the amazing bikes on display. 

Squibbfreestyle motocross arena stunt show is a surefire crowd pleaser. Jamie Squibb and his team perform breath taking jumps and stunts mid-air in front of the crowds eyes. It is the ultimate UK and international indoor or outdoor arena show

For those spectators wanting to visit The David Broome Event Centre on Sunday have access to free parking and all of the entertainment taking place throughout the day.Full details can be found on the website. 

Tickets for the ride, which includes entry into The David Broome Event Centre are just £10 and can be found on our online store from May 1st. 

LIve Music @ Hoggin The Bridge

Our entertainment as part of HogFest weekend continues with live music from an outstanding band all evening!

We are thrilled to announce that The Brotherhood Ft Jon lilygreen will be performing an excellent evening of live music for HogFest.

Based in Newport, South Wales, the Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and The Apple Tree Theory bands have developed from humble guitar & vocal duet beginnings, into electrifying live music acts, able to take stages at events of any size by storm! 

The Brotherhood Ft Jon Lilygreen are a thrilling act, and a band not to be missed. They provide a superb repertoire of classic rock, pop and soul from acts such as The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Queen and Bruno Mars.

The Brotherhood prides itself on providing the ultimate in live music entertainment and are comitted to transforming your evening into one you wont easily forget!

Recent touring credits include supports for such names as Westlife, Ollie Murs, David Essex, Eurovision song contest, (Yes lead vocalist and joint partner; Jon Lilygreen represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2011!). 

Tickets cost just £14 and will be available to purchase online right now using this link, with all proceeds going to local and national charities such as Wales Air Ambulance HogFest – Saturday Tickets – Live Music 

Friday Night Comedy @ HogFest

Hogfest @ Hoggin The Bridge is going to be epic!

We start the weekend off in style on Friday 11th October at The David Broome Event Centre, with a live evening of comedy from some brilliant acts from across the uk!

Rosco McClelland

Scottish Comedian of the Year Rosco McClelland is riding the Scottish comedy revival as is hotly tipped as one of their brightest stars.

Twice nominated Best Newcomer at Scottish Comedy Awards, and winner of Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2016, Rosco’s gravelly and animated onstage presence has impressed judges and audiences alike. He commands continuous laughter from his audiences, his naturally humorous delivery and surreal observations making a remarkable performance.


Drew Taylor

South Wales based Drew has been making waves all over the UK comedy scene despite only being active since April 2015. Sharp, observational comedy at its best.

Performing at some of the biggest clubs in the U.K. such as Jongleurs, Hot Water, Frog and Bucket and Glee Club; Drew also recently hosted the big closing gala at the Merthyr Comedy Festival in South Wales.


Robert White

He was finalist in the Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year competition in 2006 and in 2010 won the Malcolm Hardee award for comic originality at the Edinburgh Festival. In 2018, he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent making it all the way to the final. Hilarious comic with a witty sense, and always happy to laugh at himself as well as others.

Tickets are on sale right now and can be purchased by clicking this link: HogFest – Friday Tickets – Comedy Fest