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Volunteer Call For This Years Event

We are looking for volunteers to help us make sure that the event is a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone. 

We have lots of different roles available, from Road Marshalling, Car Parking, Bike Parking, Stall Set up, Litter Picks, General Volunteering and more. 

Its a fantastic event for our volunteers to be involved with and provides a great sense of help and achievement for everyone involved. HTB relies almost solely on volunteers, with over 70 needed across the weekend as cliche as it sounds, it simply wouldn’t happen without kind folk giving up their time for charities across Wales and the UK. 

Please can you complete the form below if you are available and would like to offer your time. We can offer food vouchers and drinks for all of our volunteers across the weekend. 

2019 Hoggin The Bridge Route Map

The route for 2019 has been published, following the same route as 2018. The route is marked out with yellow signage boards, usually located on lamp posts and junctions. 

Written Route:

  • Leave Brightside Services at 11am, following the lead biker. 
  • Merge with the M48 Motorway at Junction 1 (passing through what was the tolls)
  • Cross the Severn Bridge, not forgetting to wave to everyone stood on the pathways
  • Leave the M48 at Junction 2, and take the 3rd exit towards Chepstow on the A466
  • At Larkfield roundabout, take the first left onto the A48, towards Caldicot.
  • At Parkwall roundabout (Indian Empire) take the 2nd exit towards Newport, continuing on the A48.
  • Follow on the A48, taking care at the two speed camera located in Caerwent and Langstone!!
  • Turn left before the New Inn pub at Langstone onto the B4245 – signposted Magor and Caldicot.
  • At the traffic lights with InBev Brewery, continue straight on towards Caldicot
  • Continue down the B4245 until the main crossroads in Caldicot, Turn Left onto Newport Road
  • Follow Newport road around the town centre to the Sandy Lane Roundabout
  • Take the 2nd Exit onto Chepstow road and follow to the next T-Junction. 
  • Turn left at the Deepweir Motel, back onto the B4245.
  • At the Castlegate Business park roundabout, take the first exit to  continue on the B4245. 
  • Turn left at crick road where you will be directed by marshals into the David Broome Event Centre and to the parking area. 

Its Competition Time! Win £50!

Hoggin The Bridge 2019 is going to be Epic! Even more so, when your tickets are free! 

We want to thank all of our members, who have preordered tickets, merchandise or weekend passes from our website by giving back to you, our supporters. 

With just under 3 weeks left we wanted to give one very lucky person who has preordered a refund, of up to £50 against orders completed through our website 

Anyone who has placed an order before Sunday 15th September at 11:59pm will be entered into the draw to win a refund of up to £50 off your order. Full T&C’s below. 

Buying Tramadol In Costa Rica, Tramadol Buy Europe



  • Competition open until 23:59pm on Sunday 15th September. 
  • All orders will be entered into the prize draw to win up to £50 off their total order. 
  • Max refund amount £50 off any orders placed. 
  • No cash alternative available
  • No change will be given on orders under £50. 
  • £50 refund eligible on anything purchased on the website in a single transaction. 
  • You are eligible to make multiple transactions, however you will only be refunded on one transaction of the highest value, should you win. 
  • Winner will be chosen at random using computerised software on Monday September 16th and will be recorded and posted live on our facebook page.