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Hoggin the Bridge has been supporting Meningitis Now since the events culmination in 2002. 

Steve Dayman, the founder of Meningitis Now (formally Meningitis UK) had this to say about the huge support the event has built up over the years


“Rex Forster the founder of Hoggin the Bridge was a dear Tramadol Rx Onlinefriend of mine and a trustee of Meningitis Now (formally Meningitis UK). Nineteen years ago Rex a member of the Bridgewater Chapter organised a major event in the hope it would raise a significant amount of money to fund research into the prevention of meningitis, heighten awareness about the disease and help to save lives and support families who have been affected by the disease. In October 2002 Rex together with his fellow members launched Hog the Bridge. Over 1500 bikers took part raising thousands of pounds for the meningitis cause. Sadly, Rex died 12 years ago and I can well remember the hundreds of bikers who escorted his funeral procession.”

“Since the inaugural event we have been so grateful to the organising committee for a donation every year in memory Rex. An incredible £40,993.32 has been raised over the years for Meningitis Now. We are enormously grateful for your efforts, it has made a huge difference to our ongoing research, awareness and support work and moves us ever closer to our long-term aim – where no one dies from this disease and everybody affected gets the support they need.”

Hoggin The Bridge is thrilled to have made such a difference to Meningitis Now and will continue to support them in the future, through our fundraising and charitable donations. Being able to support as many charities as possible is the focus for moving forward within the event. Therefore we have opted to change the main benefactor annually. For 2019 the main benefactor will be Wales Air Ambulance, who provide a vital support link for motorbikers involved in road traffic accidents.


Wales Air Ambulance covers the whole of Wales every single day. Each year our helicopters attend around 2,500 missions

Some of our supporters of Hoggin The Bridge have been treated by or known fellow bikers who have had to use this vital service. 

Wales Air Ambulance is funded by the people of Wales; we rely entirely on the public’s support to help keep the helicopters flying. The charity does not receive direct funding from the government and we do not qualify for National Lottery funding. 

Wales Air Ambulance Fundraising Manger, Mark Stevens has shared his thought about being the chosen charity for Hoggin The Bridge;

“We would like to say a huge thank you to all the riders who have taken part in ‘Hoggin the bridge’ over the years, which has collectively raised an incredible £19,000 for us. Their donations alone have funded twelve missions across Wales to date. Relying on their continued support in 2019 will ensure we can continue to provide a lifesaving service to the people of Wales wherever or whenever they may need us. We wish all the riders taking part the very best and look forward to another successful year of partnership with them.”

Hoggin The Bridge are proud to have chosen Wales Air Ambulance as our main charity for 2019 and look forward to all your support for this years amazing and thrilling event. 

Online Apotheke Tramadol Ohne Rezept

Hoggin The Bridge were proud to be able to hold this years presentation and donation of funds to charities and community organisations at Caldicot Choir Hall on Sunday 13th January 2019 

13 Charities benefited from thousands of pounds donated through last year Hoggin The Bridge event including;

  • Meningitis Now
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • St Josephs Boxing Club
  • Chepstow Boxing Club
  • Caldicot RFC
  • Caldicot Town AFC
  • Shotokan Karate Club
  • Dewstow PTFA
  • Durand PSA
  • Top Stop Youth
  • Olive Branch Day Centre
  • Street Life Sarnies
  • Portskewett Good Companions

Tramadol 200Mg Online

Hoggin The Bridge roars into town this weekend, we have put together a list of the best viewing areas and approximate times, to allow you to see the most from the thousands of bikes that will flow past during the day. 

The ride leaves Aust at 11am. 

Severn Bridge – Along the pedestrian walkway – from 11am onwards

Pwllymeyric Hill – along the hill – approximately 11:10 onwards

Caerwent – Outside The North Gate B&B, approximately 11:18 onwards

Penhow – Outside the Groes Wen Inn – approximately 11:25 onwards

Langstone – Near the speed camera – approximately 11:32 onwards

Llanmartin – In front of the Old Barn Inn – approximately 11:35 onwards

Magor/Undy – The main road – approximately 11:40 onwards

Rogiet – Main road – approximately 11:45 onwards

Caldicot – The Co-op area – approximately 11:49 onwards

Caldicot – Town Centre – Methodist Church and Cross Area – approximately 11:52 onwards

For those of you looking for the Jelly Baby Lady, Charlie will be located just outside the petrol station along Newport road in Caldicot, make sure your helmets are at the ready!


Once the ride has passed your location, please come and join us at The David Broome Event Centre to celebrate and enjoy the afternoon, with live music, traders and caterers and a full line up of entertainment. Car parking is £5, with free entry on foot. 

Buying Tramadol Online Legal

The 2017 Hoggin The Bridge event, run by Caldicot Town Team raised a whopping £13,500 for 24 charities. 

Hoggin The Bridge held their annual presentation at Caldicot Choir Hall on Sunday 14th January 2018. 

Monmouthshire County Council Chairwoman Maureen Powell attended the event and presented a cheque to Meningitis Now. 

23 other charities benefited from a share of the £13,500 raised by bikers on Sunday October 8th. 

Over 6,000 bikes took part in the largest ride out to date for the group. Finishing this year at Caldicot Castle, the backdrop and good weather made for a fantastic day out. Live music, motorbike stalls, new motorbikes and bouncy castles all added to the festivities. 

The team are currently working on 2018 and will release more information as soon as possible, keep an eye out on our facebook and instagram pages for more information. 

The charities sharing £13,500 were;

  • Meningitis Now
  • Portskewett Good Companions
  • Rogiet Parkrun
  • Ready Steady Go
  • Caldicot RFC
  • Wye Gymnastics
  • Severn Bridge Parkrun
  • Street Life Sarnies (SLS)
  • St Johns Cymru Wales
  • Ysgol Gymraeg Y Ffin
  • Newport Shotokan Karate Club
  • Friends Of The Dell Park Chepstow
  • Red Robins Nursery
  • 2012 Caldicot ATC Squadron
  • Durand Primary School
  • Bridges Centre (Caerwent)
  • The Olive Branch Day Centre
  • Caldicot 2nd Scouts
  • SARA Beachley
  • Caerwent Junior Football Club
  • Newport Sea Cadets
  • Bluebells Playgroup
  • National Association For Bikers With A Disability (NABD)